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Get started on SwapContact

SwapContact, available on both iPhone and Android, is a smartphone contact application that allows you to share your contact information in 2 clicks!

It is very simple, you send a SwapRequest to a person of your choice (it is an invite to share your contact info with someone). Your Contact receives a notification which, if accepted, allows the auto exchange of both of your contact infos, always up to date.

When you are in SwapContact with your friends, colleagues or companies, you never have anything to type, and the contact info of all contacts of your adress book are directly managed by those contacts! ☺


1) First steps

The very first step is to create your profile "Me" (First tab on the bottom left)

(!) Don't forget to complete your Tags (used for the Search). For example, indicate your hobbies, sports, professional skills,...)

Upload a picture if possible! ☺

Adjust the privacy on each piece of your contact info (3 privacies are possible: Public, Private, Business)

Your login SwapContact is your mobile phone number (with the country code), you will notice a logo on its right side

(!) The privacy setting on your Firstname is always set to Public

Validate your profile changes by pressing "Done" top right

You are now ready to leverage the power of SwapContact! ☺


The Button +

The SwapContact logo on the right side of a contact means that you are connected with that contact. Meaning that if you go on its profile, you will see all the infos that this contact filled on his "Me" progile according to the privacy access he gave to you, and he will be able to see all the infos on your "Me" profile according to the privacy level you allowed for that contact (Public, Private or Business).

To add a new Contact,
Use the button + on the top right
Then select the country code followed by the mobile number of the new contact before validating

Two possible cases:

1) If the contact is on SwapContac, he will receive a request to exchange Contact info with you (a SwapRequest) which will be visible in the "Notification" tab.
To exchange your detailed contact info without having nothing to type, you just need your friend to accepte your SwapRequest.

2) If the person is not on SwapContact, she will receive a text message with the link to download the App.
A SwapRequest from you will be waiting in that person's "Notification" tab as soon as she installs and creates a SwapContact account.

⇨ (!) When you are sending the SwapRequest, you can add a small message to remind the person where you met, or the reason for your contact info request (for example if you found that new contact via the search: "looking for a tennis partner")


New Killer Feature: the « Search »

On SwapContact, everyone is connected somehow and searchable by tags, city (only if you set the setting Visible in Search to yes and only for the info that set as public)

Tab "Search" allows to search and add new Contacts by name lightning fast, those who have similar interests (tags), same company, university, or a country of interest.

Field to enter a tag, firstname, lastname, company, university, school,..

Three possible results:

a) L’affichage d’un ou plusieurs Contacts avec le Logo SwapContact a) One or more contacts are displayed with a SwapContact logo
⇨ This means that you are already in SwapContact with those

b) One or more contacts are displayed with a « button O+ »

⇨This means that you can send a SwapRequest to those contacts to connect

c) Or in some cases no results, make sure you didn't have typos

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